Low cost per kWh

Wind energy can be harvested day and night, even in low wind sites. Once installed, maintenance is turbine is minimal with 20 years or more in use. With today’s technology we are able to beat fossil fuel prices per kWh, placing the right type of wind turbine on the right places depending on the wind resources.

Proven Concept


Proven concept

Already for centuries man has used wind power. In recent decades, further development of wind turbine technology has been very successful in the field of efficiency improvement and noise reduction. For virtually any wind resource a suitable turbine can be chosen.


Low, medium or high wind

Wind turbines have increased continuously in size and effectiveness. Today we can chose a turbine for a site with optimal power output. Lower wind sites have become more feasible and should be considered as alternative for expensive fuel powered energy.

Wind Energy

100% Wind Energy

Wind Energy is Clean and Renewable
Wind power should be considered an important component of any long-term energy strategy, because wind power generation uses a natural and virtually inexhaustible source of power—the wind—to produce electricity. That is a huge advantage to traditional power plants that rely on fossil fuels.

And wind power generation is clean; it doesn’t cause air, soil or water pollution. That’s an important difference between some other renewable energy sources, such as nuclear power, which produces a vast amount of hard-to-manage waste or has higher environmental impact.

Choosing sites with Minimal Environmental Impact
When wind sites are selected as projects we make a careful wager to impact on nature and for inhabitants. We prefer to develop outside of urban developments, in remote locations on large scale. All are developments are extensively studied and presented in a environmental impact assessment (EIA) after working closely with government and informing correctly parties involved in the decision process.

The Future Growth of Wind Energy
As the need for clean, renewable energy increases, and the world more urgently seeks alternatives to finite supplies of oil, coal and natural gas, priorities will change.

And as the cost of wind power has declined and continues to decline, due to technology improvements and better generation techniques, wind power is increasingly feasible as a major source of electricity today low, medium and high wind sites. The setup of the turbine compensates mostly the energy gap between potential of these sites. Yet due to advanced also very safe to it’s direct environment.

One turbine, 3 setups

Our wind turbine of choice combines low cut-in wind speed, high power output and high capacity factor to boost energy yield in low, medium or high wind regions worldwide. Rigged for low wind sites, we can harvest energy starting at wind speeds as low as 3.5 m/s, just a breeze. Yet at a wind speed of ~7.5 m/s this turbine delivers a net wind farm capacity factor of up to 42%, equivalent to 3,600 full-load hours each year. Equipped in low wind sites its 122-meter rotor diameter and swept area of 11,700 m2 is set to maximize the harvest of energy and the return on investment from low wind sites. For medium windsites we rig a 110 meter diameter and 100 meter for high wind sites.

  • Low, medium, high wind turbine
  • 2.7 Mw. or 3 Mw. installed capacity
  • Rotor diameter 100, 110 or 122 meters
  • Low cut in speed, progressive power curve
  • Pure torque, fatigue resistant
Setup Low Wind Medium Wind High Wind
Annual average wind speed <7,5 m/s 8,5 m/s >9,5 m/s
Rotordiameter 122 meter 110 meter 100 meter
Capacity 2,7 Mw 3 Mw 3 Mw
1 unit powers ~ 800 homes ~ 1.000 homes ~ 1.200 homes

How to buy Vida Wind Energy

Governmental planning
Wind Parks has become competitive with fossil fuel powered plants, especially when diesel fired. If you are a decision maker within the government of your country, we are interested to get to know you. Together we can investigate wind energy possibilities with you for your country. Where planning must also include lower wind sites – perhaps in combination with solar – it surely is worth wile to investigate wind energy, regardless where your country is located.

And wind power generation is clean; it doesn’t cause air, soil or water pollution. That’s an important difference between other forms of (renewable) energy sources.

Sustainable planning should always consider combining wind energy with industrial developments and implanting wind turbines on existing industrial sites. Besides generation on location our eco friendly generated power is available through commercial markets in various countries via our brokers. Get in touch with us if you would to know more.

Also, industrial companies with high energy consumption could benefit their own ecological awareness, placing one or more wind turbines on or near their sites. Vida Eco Energy in such cases could provide the necessary investments and take care of operations and maintenance, while the industry could profit from energy production on it’s site.

Utilities looking for investors in wind energy projects should consider to offer Vida Eco Energy sites and /or adequate PPA’s, in order to ensure production of green energy. Vida Eco Energy is interested in purchasing developments, “ready to build” and operating wind farms.