Record Investments Clean Energy in 2015

Record Investments in sustainable Energy in 2015 !Record investments clean energy in 2015 and this year was also the highest ever for installation of renewable power capacity, with 64GW of wind and 57GW of solar PV commissioned during the year, an increase of nearly 30% over 2014.These were: further declines in the cost of solar photovoltaics, meaning that more capacity could be installed for the same price; the strength of the US currency, reducing the dollar value of non-dollar investment; the continued weakness of the European economy, formerly the powerhouse of renewable energy investment; and perhaps most significantly, the plunge in fossil fuel commodity prices.Michael Liebreich, chairman of the advisory board at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, said: “These figures are a stunning riposte to all those who expected clean energy investment to stall on falling oil and gas prices. They highlight the improving cost-competitiveness of solar and wind power, driven in part by the move by many countries to reverse-auction new capacity rather than providing advantageous tariffs, a shift that has put producers under continuing price pressure.Gerard Kemperman, CEO of Vida Eco Energy, welcomes new investors into the clean energy market. “It’s good to see that financial decision makers are seeing the steady returns in clean energy and that trust in investments is growing every day. Especially after the Paris 2015  agreement by all nations.”

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Climate change summit COP21 reaches deal in Paris

A deal to attempt to limit the rise in global temperatures to less than 2C has been agreed at the climate change summit in Paris after two weeks of intense negotiations.At 7:26 PM on Saturday night [December 12th] Paris time, a historic climate agreement was reached at the Le Bourget conference center, where negotiations have been taking place over the last two weeks at the 21st meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)—otherwise known as COP 21.The pact is the first to commit all countries to cut carbon emissions. The agreement is partly legally binding and partly voluntary. Earlier, key blocs, including the G77 group of developing countries, and nations such as China and India said they supported the proposals. President of the UN climate conference of parties (COP) and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said: “I now invite the COP to adopt the decision entitled Paris Agreement outlined in the document. “Looking out to the room I see that the reaction is positive, I see no objections. The Paris agreement is adopted.”Clear and Powerful Message to Fossil Fuel IndustryThe Paris Agreement sends a clear and powerful message to the fossil fuel industry: after decades of deception and denial, their efforts to block action on climate change are no longer working. Growing public concern about climate impacts, and the availability of cost-effective efficiency and renewable energy solutions are giving leaders the political will to stand up to fossil fuel polluters and to put us on a path to create the global clean energy economy needed to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.But even if we succeed in holding the increase in global temperature well below [...]

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Will we reach global goal for 100% Eco Energy in Paris 2015 ?

 We are the first generation to understand the consequences of a high carbon economy on the planet, on future prosperity and, in particular, on the most vulnerable around the world. Let us be the generation that stands up and takes theresponsibility conveyed by that knowledge.” Christiana Figueres, executive secretary, UN FrameworkConvention on Climate Change This year, 2015, is an important one for the future of our planet. United Nations will vote on sustainable development goals till 2050. Also the Paris Climate Summit will take place in 2015, where goals by world leaders will be set. Voices are raising, 100% eco energy for 2050, world wide agreement must be closed, to save our planet. If you think too, please vote here to convince your leaders.The climate countdown to Paris has begon !

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Renewable energy investments growing at fast pace

Organization REN21 monitors the renewable energy market since 2004. This year the investments in renewable energy will be higher then last year, totaling at almost 250 billion USD. If you want to find out what made 2013 another record year for renewables. Learn what the total global operating capacity of solar PV was and just how much wind power capacity came into operation. Discover where the greatest number of additions to electric generating capacity occurred in 2013 and who the new leaders in renewable energy deployment are.
Consult the full report as well as the Key Findings at:
First released in 2005, REN21’s Renewables Global Status Report (GSR) provides a comprehensive and timely overview of renewable energy market, industry, investment and policy developments worldwide. It enables policymakers, industry, investors and civil society to make informed decisions. The report covers recent developments, current status, and key trends; by design, it does not provide analysis or forecast.
The Renewables Global Status Report relies on up-to-date renewable energy data, provided by an international network of more than 500 contributors, researchers, and authors.
Renewable energy is also increasingly taking center stage in the climate discussion. It underlines that renewables must be part of any solution to avoid catastrophic climate change. The issues highlighted in the report will be of central importance at the upcoming UN climate summit in New York later this month, but especially at the Paris climate conference in December 2015 – with expectations that the outcome will define global climate efforts in the future.

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Will feed in tariff Romania come ?

Fixed Tariff for PV in Romania this year ? The announced feed-in tariff may range from 186 to 200 euro per generated MWh according to the method proposed by ANRE (National Regulatory Authority for Energy) and endorsed by the European Commission.

Probably the most pressing issue in the photovoltaic industry in Romania is waiting to clarify, the feed-in tariff / fixed tariff, issue widely discussed in Romania Solar Summit 2013 and was the biggest event in both the Romanian Chamber of PV in n from across the industry . The ANRE (energy regulator) repeated postponements confirm the advent toustatherou invoices as an alternative to the current support scheme for renewable energy which now includes green certificates.

According to Zoltan Nagy, a member of the Board ANRE, the long-awaited decision could be announced after the board meeting following however, we hope that it expects to set the settings until the end of this month. Although the amount is under discussion at this point Nagy offers a more accurate idea of how developers PV could get when it comes into force.

Since the amount of feed-in tariff will be equivalent to those of the three green certificates added to the price of energy, a simple calculation spokesman ANRE made based on the current trading price of green certificates found for EUR186 per MW. However, could increase and possibly reach 200 or more: “We’ll see if the amount of € 186 / MW is enough or should go to 200 euros/MW, but should also consider how sustainable this scheme respect to energy suppliers and network administrators (Enel, EON, Electrica etc).

A more sustainable and functional alternative for green certificates issued by Transelectrica (the national company of Energy Transportation), the feed-in tariff applies [...]

We are on the move, HQ to Amsterdam and new office in South Africa

As per 25 March we have moved our Headquarters from the lovely Dronten to buzzling Amsterdam. Come and visit us in Spaces Zuidas, where we are now located. We have excellent meetingrooms here and great coffee. 
Also we have opened a new office in South Africa in Somerset West, just outside of Capetown. This is to support our solar projects there. We welcome our Guido Mivis as the manager in charge of Africa & Middle East developments.

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Brazil contracts 2,3GW of wind energy through auction A-5

Altogether 21,13 GW was entered for Brazil’s auction A-5, last 13th. of December. Of the participating 687 projects, the majority of projects were from wind power 539 in total.

In absolute numbers, the auction contracted renewable power plants totaling 3,507 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity, particularly wind which sold 2,338 MW representing 97 wind parks. Wind and solar energy starting from a ceiling price of R$ 122/MWh , the end being traded by R$ 119,03/MWh., which can be considered as very good for developers. In wind and solar, the contracted term is 20 years.

The energy of biomass cane sold at an average price of 133.38 Reais per MWh and heat the wood chips sold to 135.49 reais per MWh. The maximum price for these sources was 144 reais per MWh.

2013 is a record year considering the hiring of wind power projects in Brazil, totaling 4.7 GW from all auctions. This auctions turnover is of 35.8 billion reais in energy contracts. The planned investments in plants facilitated by this auction totaled 12.8 billion reais, according to the Energy Research Company (EPE).

The A-5 auction contracted energy that needs to be delivered from 2018 to the market served by distributors. On Friday 13th December 2013 also had an auction of four batches of transmission lines to be built in the states of Minas Gerais, and the states MA, PI, CE and RO.

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Tidal turbine reaches 1MW in offshore conditions

From its immersion in January 2013, at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland, Alstom’s full-scale tidal device has reached the full nominal power of 1MW after a series of gradual increases in power. The turbine connected to the grid has now generated over 10MWh of electricity, in actual operating conditions. Both are major milestones in the development of the tidal stream energy.

The tidal turbine has been tested in different operational conditions through the ReDAPT1 testing program. It has shown a reliability and performance in line with its design models. The next step of the testing program will be to demonstrate the full range of autonomous running capabilities of the turbine (its ability to efficiently operate independently), continue with the planned maintenance and gather evidence for certification. The endurance and reliability will also be tested into 2014. Tests in pilot farms will follow prior to the start of full commercial production.

“We are enthusiastic following the initial tests of our tidal stream turbine which successfully demonstrated the advantages of Alstom tidal turbine technology, in the challenging environment of the Fall of Warness in Orkney”, stated Alstom Ocean business Vice-President Rob Stevenson.

Alstom’s tidal turbine has a 22 metres long nacelle and weighs 150 tonnes. Its rotor has three pitchable blades and a diameter of 18 meters. The tidal turbine is capable of floating. Buoyancy enables the turbine nacelle to be easily towed to and from the point of operation and attached to its pre-installed foundation. Avoiding the need for specialist vessels and divers, this particular technical feature minimises installation and maintenance costs and reduces the timeframe to install or retrieve the turbine. The unit operates fully submerged with no surface piercing part, in a [...]

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Brazilian Biomass, Hydropower Developers Biggest Auction Winners

Developers of power plants in Brazil that run on biomass and hydroelectricity won the biggest share of contracts to sell electricity to distributors in a government-organized auction.

Eight biomass developers agreed to build 647 megawatts of generation capacity, according to information on the CCEE electricity trading board website today. The projects, which must go into operation by 2018, will sell power at an average price of 133.57 reais ($56.60) a megawatt-hour, according to data compiled by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Developers of hydroelectric dams won contracts to sell power from plants with 618.5 megawatts of capacity at an average rate of 125.4 reais a megawatt-hour, the data showed.

In Brazil’s energy auctions, developers bid down from a preset ceiling price the rate they’re willing to sell electricity. The lowest bidders win contracts to sell power to distributors and move forward with their planned projects. The country gets 81 percent of its power from hydro plants.

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SDE 2013+ Successful for Dutch Wind Developers

On April 4, 2013, the Dutch Renewable Energy Production Incentive (SDE +) opened. The table below shows the state of affairs of Thursday, September 5th, 2013, 17:00 pm for categories renewable electricity. For the SDE + 2013 is a budget of € 3 billion in total available to support eco energy projects. Applications are now being reviewed in depth. This review may result in the claim being adjusted budget, partly as a result of rejections. Applications until September 5, 17:00, 408 applications for SDE subsidy honored that over 1.8 billion of the available budget for 2013 is awarded to projects.
Requests and honered renewable energy Holland 2013

Number of applications
 Requested budget (€ million)


Solar PV



Total renewable projects

Total honored projects

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