Eco Energy onto the grid

Eco Energy onto the grid

Where national grids worldwide are still injected with fossil fuel generated energy, it’s the focus of Vida Eco Energy to deliver clean, green, sustainable generated energy onto the grid. Contributing to reduction of CO2 emissions and slow down global warming.

Automation and control of windturbine

Automation and control

Our eco energy generation facilities are equipped with state of the art hard- and software. This gives us precise control and insight to optimize power output with minimal downtime.

Reliable Energy forecasts

Energy forecasts

Because the power output of wind- or solar energy is not constant, we provide reliable energy forecasts to grid operators. Given them the possibility to lower production of fossil fuel powered energy, when higher output from our facilities is expected.


Vida Eco Energy’s focus is on generating sustainable energy on large scale. Our target for the next years is to have an installed base 1 GW of Eco Energy from our energy projects all over the world.

Operators, such as us, are facing new challenges to integrate Renewable Energy Resources. Thanks to an open and modular architecture of automation software, our eco energy will seamlessly integrate onto the existing grid.

Distribution System Operators, or grid operators, need to deal with significant changes in their day-to-day operations. In particular, the presence of generating units in distribution feeders has a dramatic impact on some of the key operation processes. Thus Distribution System Operators request proper estimation of power flows for network planning, taking into account various generation scenarios.

Proper estimation of power flows for network planning, taking into account various generation scenarios;

  • Forecast Plan, for renewable energy production forecast interface
  • Estimation, for real-time DG production estimation
  • Real-time environment access with real time monitoring of output
  • Reduced down time thanks to enhanced alarming system

Reliable forecasting of the power output of all our eco energy resources, to effective scheduling, secure planning, reliable operations, with accurate data & reporting of our key performance figures, through real-time monitoring and control within an advanced user interface. This includes eco energy production control for power injections from distribution feeders into sub-transmission grids, with the capability of specifying the amount of MW to be curtailed.

Besides the generation of sustainable energy, each project will generate local jobs. In order to establish appropriate O&M situations Vida Eco Energy also will be focused on local employment and schooling of O&M-personnel.

Our Energy Generation plants are developed using our longterm experience. Significant to our developments are the following features ;

Higher Energy Yield

High Energy Yield

  Optimizing development for optimal output of energy, using latest technologies available.
enviromental impact

Minimal Environmental Impact

  Our energy generation facilities are built outside of urban areas, with minimal impact on nature.
green energy

Pure Eco Energy

  Our energy is generated with 0% CO2 emission.
Automated Energy

Automated Energy Generation

  Energy Generation control is fully automated, using modern SCADA systems, with real time output data, remote monitoring and reliable energy output forecasts.
smart gridconnection

Grid Compliant

  Grid connections are made with optimal adaption to existing grid, realizing stable connections by using market leading technology as monitoring and state-of-the-art substations.
stable flow

Smart Grid Optional

  To optimize delivery of energy, we can implement Energy Storage and UPS, for delivery on demand or to build local grid.

Facts about Wind Energy Generation

A 3 Mw windturbine

Installed capacity, which is today's standard is setup for medium wind conditions

Generates ~9.750.000 kWh

On average a 3Mw turbine generates Kilowatt/hours annual at average windspeed of 7,5 m/s

Saves ~6.700 Ton CO2 Emission

Tons of CO2 Emission this turbine saves us each year. Yes, this is 6.700.000 Kg.

Powers ~900 Homes

With this conditions this turbine will power ~900 homes