project selection development


Project selection

Our priorities concern “ready to build” eco energy projects, but Vida Eco Energy will also initiate development projects worldwide. Our team is able to assess opportunities and to further development (technical, legal and financial) of promising locations to undertake.

Plan and finance Eco Energy Development Projects


Plan and finance

Each project, whether it’s wind, solar or biomass, must meet our internal standards of bankability, environmental factors and local political and economic conditions. When a project has the power to be successful, we will request finance and invest equity into the project.

Building and developing a windpark


Build Eco Energy projects

After obtaining financial close Vida Eco Energy will, together with market leading OEM manufacturers, build the project. After completion of construction and extended testing, Vida will obtain the facility turnkey and operate and maintain the facility long term.


Vida Eco Energy, based on its experiences and global network, identifies areas for new eco energy generation plants. We initiate discussions with corporations, institutions and authorities, leading to agreements to deliver green energy to the grid. Our development projects are divided into three phases:

  1. Development phase, in which the legal, technical, financial and economic feasibility of a project is determined and what stage in a positive case is completed by the so-called Financial Close a project or project component; Under Financial Close means the positive decision of Vida Eco Energy – including financing and contracting – which is necessary to start the realization phase.
  2. Realization phase, in which the parts of a project are supplied and built and which phase is completed with the construction completion, after positive testperiod and ready for operation.
  3. Operating phase, where there is longterm exploitation of our project, often 15 to 20 years.

Our priority when scouting for projects concern the “ready to build”-projects, but Vida Eco Energy will also initiate development of potential sites we spot worldwide. Therefore, each and every wind, solar or biomass project which will be offererd to us, will be seriously considered. Each project must meet our internal standards with regard to bankability, environmental conditions and the local political and economic circumstances.

With local support from our business developers, our team is able to assess capabilities and to continue further development (technical, legal and financial) of promising sites to lead projects with success to operational phase, by following solutions ;

  • Site management studies ; environmental, wind siting, etc.
  • Licensing
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Project management
  • Finance & equity
  • Operation and maintenance

These solutions help us to achieve our business objectives and consequently, better serve and contribute to sustainable energy market. The results are:

  • Increased cash flow – reduced cost
  • Higher power output
  • Increased efficiency of the installation
  • Improved flexibility of the operation

Our Energy Generation plants are developed using our longterm experience. Significant to our developments are the following features ;

Higher Energy Yield

High Energy Yield

  Optimizing development for optimal output of energy, using latest technologies available.
enviromental impact

Minimal Environmental Impact

  Our energy generation facilities are build outside of urban areas, with minimal impact on nature.
green energy

Pure Eco Energy

  Our energy is generated with 0% CO2 emission.
Automated Energy

Automated Energy Generation

  Energy Generation control is fully automated, using modern SCADA systems, with real time output data, remote monitoring and reliable energy output forecasts.
smart gridconnection

Grid Compliant

  Grid connections are made with optimal adaption to existing grid, realizing stable connections by using market leading technology as monitoring and state-of-the-art substations.
stable flow

Smart Grid Optional

  To optimize delivery of energy, we can implement Energy Storage and UPS, for delivery on demand or to build local grid.

Where does Vida Eco Energy develop ?

Continent                                                           Country
Europe Belgium Holland Poland
  Romania Scotland  
Africa Senegal Ghana Burundi
  Uganda South Africa  
South America Argentina  Brazil Chili
  Equador Surinam  

Facts about Solar Energy Generation

10 MWp. solar park

Installed capacity, located in a site with medium solar radiation

~20 Ha. or 200.000m2 of land

On average a 10MWp solar site occupies this land size

Saves ~8.700 Ton CO2 Emission

Tons of CO2 Emission this solar park saves us each year. Yes, this is 8.700.000 Kg.

Powers ~1.200 Homes

With this conditions this solar park will power ~1.200 homes