Altogether 21,13 GW was entered for Brazil’s auction A-5, last 13th. of December. Of the participating 687 projects, the majority of projects were from wind power 539 in total.

In absolute numbers, the auction contracted renewable power plants totaling 3,507 megawatts (MW) of installed capacity, particularly wind which sold 2,338 MW representing 97 wind parks. Wind and solar energy starting from a ceiling price of R$ 122/MWh , the end being traded by R$ 119,03/MWh., which can be considered as very good for developers. In wind and solar, the contracted term is 20 years.

The energy of biomass cane sold at an average price of 133.38 Reais per MWh and heat the wood chips sold to 135.49 reais per MWh. The maximum price for these sources was 144 reais per MWh.

2013 is a record year considering the hiring of wind power projects in Brazil, totaling 4.7 GW from all auctions. This auctions turnover is of 35.8 billion reais in energy contracts. The planned investments in plants facilitated by this auction totaled 12.8 billion reais, according to the Energy Research Company (EPE).

The A-5 auction contracted energy that needs to be delivered from 2018 to the market served by distributors. On Friday 13th December 2013 also had an auction of four batches of transmission lines to be built in the states of Minas Gerais, and the states MA, PI, CE and RO.