Who is Vida Eco Energy


Who we are

We are Vida Eco Energy.  Our name represents it, Eco logical. We strive for 100% ECO friendly energy, for household consumption or industrial use.

What does Vida Eco Energy do ?


What we do

We plan, finance, build, operate and maintain 100% ECO friendly, Wind- Solar- & Biomass Energy production plants.

What is Vida Eco Energy's mission ?

Our mission

Our mission is to establish an essential contribution to the worldwide target ‘20% renewable energy by 2020’. Our target installed and operating base for the next years is 1 Gw of Eco Energy.

About us

Vida Eco Energy , based in Amsterdam (NL), Fortaleza (BR) & Capetown (S-A), is an independent power producer and developer of renewable energy projects at home and abroad. Founded in 2013 we have come from a long-term background of more then 10 years consulting various parties involved in renewable energy development. We now decided to make a contribution to the worldwide need of sustainable energy. From our background advising many projects we have a broad experienced to engage and initiate the development of such projects for the market. In addition, Vida Eco Energy in most cases together with an investor participates in the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to set up such a project. This SPV bears the ultimate responsibility for the implementation and operation.

Meet the Team

Mr. Gerard Kemperman
Mr. Gerard KempermanCEO, Founding Partner
Gerard is Chief Executive Officer @ Vida Eco Energy.

As a consultant at a Dutch Accountant office, Gerard developed independent, or joint ventured with third parties, renewable energy projects (wind, solar and biomass). With his experience in eco energy Gerard founded his company, Kemperman & partners which consists in consulting operators about windparks and learned a lot from difficulties in their operation and development.

In the independent development of projects and consultancy activities Gerard led negotiations with ; manufacturers, network operators, utilities, government or industry for power purchase agreements (PPA) as well as financiers and private equity parties.

Memorable projects: Consultancy and development Dutch, Belgian, Chinese, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Polish and North American projects. In Holland he supported almost all solitary wind turbines in Southern Flevoland and almost all line-ups in Eastern Flevoland, totaling approximately € 200 million at Financial Close.

Publications ; 2010 Chicago Harold: Wind Energy in Canada. 2005 Reuters: Wind along the A73.

Education ; University of Amsterdam (Dutch Law and Tax Law), Erasmus University (Register Valuator).

Languages ; Dutch / English / German

Ton de Fouw
Ton de FouwCLO, Founding Partner
Ton is Chief Legal Officer @ Vida Eco Energy.

Ton started his career working for several Dutch municipalities while getting his HBO-degree in Dutch administrative law, specializing on planning and environmental laws. After leaving the government he gained much experience as a legal consultant for various companies; environmental, construction, real estate development and brokerage.

That led to setting up a legal consultancy practice in 2002, focusing on project developers and construction companies. Because previously he was involved in the planning and development of wind energy projects, consultancy activities for developers in the sustainable market became an important part of his activities. Recently he teamed up to help us found Vida Eco Energy, placing his now core-business in a wider  – worldwide – perspective. Ton is supporting Vida as our Chief Legal Officer, bringing great experience to the legal aspects of eco energy development.

Memorable projects : Municipal projects “reconstruction of a complete town center (NL)” and “planning large-scaled wind energy projects in Wieringermeer (NL)”, and my consultancy-activities in Public-Private Partnerships, in particular one regarding restructuring the  land and water-ratio in a polder area. As an entrepreneur he is shareholder in a 12MW windpark in Holland.

Education : HBO in Dutch administrative law, with an emphasis on planning and environmental laws.

Languages : Dutch / English / French / German

Gertjan van Veenendaal
Gertjan van VeenendaalCFO, Founding Partner
Gertjan is Chief Financial Officer @ Vida Eco Energy.

Starting at the young age of 23 years, Gertjan has been entrepreneur most of his life, leading several businesses. His background is technical and he spent most of his career leading his wholesale company advising leading electronic manufacturers on mechanical designs and selling mechanical solutions.

In 2005 he changed his career and started investing in the upcoming real estate market in Brazil, where he has successfully initiated several investment projects with excellent returns for his investors. Because he noticed the rapidly upcoming sustainable energy market in Brazil, specifically wind industry, he chose to be a part of this dynamic business. That led him to hire consultants for the development of various terrains in Brazil, which today have become friends and partners and together they founded Vida Eco Energy in 2013. As a new comer to the exiting eco energy business, he feels confident from his investment background.

Also his long-term experience leading several companies gives him the advantage to lead people, have a clear understanding of finance and be a creative force in marketing and communications. Memorable projects; investment projects, social housing developments as well as initiating development and sales of an industrial port project.

Education : MBA in Dutch business administration

Languages : Dutch / English / French / German /Portugues

Antoine Kemperman
Antoine KempermanTechnical & Financial Analyst
Antoine is Technical & Financial Analyst @ Vida Eco Energy .

Antoine has been active in renewable energy projects since 2007 as shareholder in Kemperman & Partners Projecten BV and therefore has a lot of experience with solar and wind projects development all over the world.

Antoine has been occupied, for example, with wind turbine choices, yields, returns, feasibility studies and business plans of projects in ; the Netherlands, Belgium, North America, Sri Lanka, Poland and China. Antoine had a scientific education, and therefore can also assess technical evaluations associated with wind, solar or biomass projects.

Education : (Theoretical) Physics

Languages : Dutch / English/ German

Marius Thijssen
Marius ThijssenBusiness Developer Benelux
Marius is Business Developer @ Vida Eco Energy.

His goal to realize eco energy projects began as a pioneer already in 1984, but it was until Marius met Gerard Kemperman in May 2000, when his efforts to generate sustainable energy became professional. As a shareholder of Kemperman & Partners Projects BV, he developed a large range of eco energy projects in amongst others ; Poland, Sri Lanka, China & North America.

We are happy that Marius now joined the Vida Eco Energy team, where his focus is on the wind market in the Benelux countries. Other completed projects by Marius are; private & social housing, industrial & office, as well as agricultural projects. As an entrepreneur, he is also a shareholder of wind energy projects / catering / agriculture and real estate.

Education : Civil & Residential Building Contractor : Performer B & U

Languages : Dutch / German.

Jean Marie Nduwimana
Jean Marie NduwimanaBusiness Developer Burundi
Jean Marie is Business Developer @ Vida Eco Energy.

Jean Marie has many years of experience across different industry sectors, including telecommunications, energy, agribusiness, and business services. Jean Marie is an experienced business developer. He has assisted various SMEs and large companies to grow their business in existing or new markets both locally or internationally. In 2011, Jean Marie founded Intercontinental Partner & Partnerlink, which provides business services to Western investors who seek to invest in Africa and vice versa.

Jean Marie has demonstrated the ability to direct the business development activities of companies and align sales strategies and solutions. He learns fast and operates effectively in complex, challenging and cross-cultural environment. Thanks to his excellent negotiation skills, Jean Marie has a proven track record of successfully pitching for new business.

At Vida Eco Energy, Jean Marie will assist Vida Eco Energy to develop new business on the African continent, especially East African Community and the Great Lakes Region.

Memorable projects: Business services to Dutch investors and entrepreneurs from the East African Community (Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda) and the Great Lakes Regions (The Burundi, DRC and Rwanda).

Education: University of Groningen (International Business and Management); Hanzehogeschool of Groningen (International Business Studies)

Language: Kirundi/French/English/Swahili/Dutch/Kinyarwanda

What we do ?

The power of Vida is that the company is able to participate in the development process and continue as a long-term operator selling our eco energy independent, often for 15 to 20 years. This includes all operations, maintenance, financial, insurance, hiring of specialists, obtaining specific reports and providing funding. Our track record and portfolio contains a large number of wind and solar energy projects and increasingly, Vida also is involved in biomass projects. Renewable energy projects require a multitude of specialties on (among others) legal, technical, financial and infrastructural area. These specializations are not all available in Vida, but we have long – term collaborations with several specialized companies.

What is our vision ?

In Wind, Solar and Biomass, Vida contributes to 3 pillars of eco energy and in time we expect tidle- and wave- energy to join to our renewable energy portfolio. Our preferred suppliers are all leaders in innovative technologies of energy generation and also for the protection of our environment. With support from its network, Vida is capable to stay independent eco power producer and to make contributions to the sustainability of energy production, worldwide. Saving tons on CO2 emissions.

What is our mission ?

Our mission is to establish an essential contribution to the worldwide target ‘20% renewable energy by 2020’. Our target installed and operating base for the next years is 1 Gw. of Eco Energy.